Is It Legal Gamble In Oakland?


Oakland has a long sports tradition linked to important and iconic teams. From the Oakland Athletics formed in 1968 to the Golden State Warriors, who won their first NBA championship in this city in 1975.

Oakland residents carry the sports in their DNA, and like any fan, they are also interested in sports betting.

However, the Oaklanders currently do not have legislation that allows sports betting in their city.

But this is not a problem, as Oakland residents can use International Sportsbooks’ services to place their bets.

Since the US Supreme Court abolished the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018. Each state is responsible for establishing a law regulating sports betting.

If the state does not have a law, there is no impediment at the federal or state level that prevents bettors from using an international sportsbook’s services.

In other words, Oaklanders can use international sportsbooks to place bets on any sport or event they want. Including betting on the Raiders, Athletics, or any other team.

A Lucrative Business

As a result of Oakland residents having to use international sportsbook services, a lucrative business opportunity presents itself for those who know how to seize it.

It involves establishing a betting business through a Pay Per Head provider.

Pay Per Head are companies dedicated to providing bookies with all the services and platforms they need to operate and manage their businesses.

Moreover, Pay Per Head companies provide their services at very low costs. This means that a significant investment is not required to start a gambling business.

Additionally, it is very easy to find high-quality Pay Per Head providers thanks to websites such as

Therefore, you do not have to invest a tremendous amount of time and effort looking for a provider. Since by accessing the best Pay Per Head reviews, you can quickly identify one that meets all our needs.

Oakland and the surrounding areas are an excellent market for sports betting. Entrepreneurs should not miss out on this opportunity and should start their gambling business immediately.

Currently, it is very easy to find a good Pay Per Head provider. And establish a lucrative business with great potential for growth.